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Too busy for breakfast? Not anymore!
All of these breakfast recipes are quick and easy and can even be prepped the day before.
Find plenty of high protein, low sugar and vegan options - there's something for everyone!
Recipes will be updated regularly.

  • Morning Detox Tonic

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    Start your day with a detoxifying morning tonic to boost digestion.

  • No-Bread Avocado Toast

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    Love Avocado but don't love the bread? Try this version using sweet potato instead.

  • Super Green Frittata

    4.96 MB

    Extra green, high protein and high fiber for the ultimate way to start the day.

  • Low Sugar Granola

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    Enjoy granola without the added sugar with this healthy, crunchy and satisfying version.

  • Cacao Tahini Chia Pudding

    3.9 MB

    Not-too-sweet chia seed pudding with the perfect combo of cacao and tahini, you have to try this.

  • Cozy Porridge

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    Who doesn't love a warm and cozy porridge during winter months? Try this Ayurvedic porridge recipe with stewed apples.

  • Sweet Omelette

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    Looking for a high-protein and sweet breakfast? Look no further, try this sweet omelette.

  • Pan Con Tomate

    5.35 MB

    A traditional Spanish breakfast that might sound simple but it's packed full of flavor. It's a dish you never get sick of.

  • Breakfast Tacos

    1.89 MB

    A healthy spin on your typical breakfast tacos - packed with protein, cabs and fats to keep you full for hours.