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    77 videos  |   Rent $199

    Welcome to the WEDDING — PLAN, 90-day program to help you glow from the inside out on your big day. This is a motivational, mind & body plan, which is in no way restrictive. A feel good program to leave you feeling confident, strong and ready for your wedding!

    The Wedding Plan has been carefully...

  • 21 DAY MIND & BODY

    24 videos  |   Rent $21

    Join us on this 21 day mind and body plan to feel your very best!

    You will workout, meditate and journal EVERYDAY for 21 days.
    While this is the preferred order, feel free to adjust according to your schedule.

    It takes 21 days to create a habit.
    Small, consistent steps for sustainab...


    30 videos  |   Rent $15

    The T — F Studio 15 day GLOW — UP is a program curated for positive personal transformation from the inside out.
    Commit to just 15 days of 15 minute workouts, daily meditations and simple journaling prompts to elevate both your mind and body. Expect a boost in confidence, mindset and strength - ...

  • ON - THE - GO

    10 videos  |   Rent $10

    A series of videos that you can do anywhere, anytime. No equipment necessary! Traveling for the summer? Keep your workout routine going ON - THE - GO.
    Mostly standing and using minimal equipment so that you can keep your usual workout routine going even while you're on holiday!
    For just $10 you'...