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Fuel your day with a satisfying lunch to keep you full until dinner!
All of these recipes can be modified to suit your needs.
All with minimal ingredients with maximum taste.

  • Ultimate Cobb Salad

    9.68 MB

    A healthy take on a classic favorite. Using fresh ingredients for an extra crunch, this salad will leave you satisfied for lunch and energized to take on the afternoon.

  • Rice-less tuna roll

    1.56 MB

    High protein, low carb rice-less tuna roll you can make for lunch in under 5 mins using simple ingredients. Perfect for all phases but in particular Follicular.

  • Whipped Tahini Dressing

    3.84 MB

    Whipped Tahini Dressing you can use for salads, meats and as a dip.

  • Chunky Eggplant Fries

    832 KB

    The easiest yummy, crispy snack or side dish - chunky eggplant fries. Best served with tahini dressing and chili oil.

  • Mish Mash Bowl

    3.98 MB

    The perfect bowl to eat for lunch or dinner several times a week. Use your leftovers to create a satisfying mish-mash bowl.

  • Chopped Kale Salad

    4.45 MB

    Perfectly simple chopped kale salad for a weekday lunch.

  • Tasty Tuna Dip

    4.48 MB

    Looking for a high-protein savory snack? Try this tuna dip, best served with plantain chips

  • Crunchy Cabbage Salad

    4.31 MB

    Chop and toss all of the ingredients in a bowl for this crunchy cabbage salad packed full of fresh flavors.