T — F Studio MEDITATIONS are here!
I am so excited to welcome a VERY SPECIAL guest and good friend of mine Leo Max, who specializes in hypnosis for spiritual advancement.
Leo Max is an expert at connecting physical, mental, and spiritual realms so I think you are going to LOVE incorporating these meditations into your daily routine.
These meditations are going to transform your life through visualization while enhancing your Pilates practice.
Tasha xx

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  • Heart Opening Meditation

    This meditation is all about LOVE & opening your heart space.
    Best done sitting up tall with your shoulders back.
    A 14 min meditation to ground you & lift you up at the same time.
    Focus on your breath and use your exhales to ground down to the center of the earth, while lifting your head higher t...

  • Clear Mind Meditation

    Take a few moments just for yourself and join Leo in this 10 min meditation to clear your mind.
    You can do this meditation, sitting, lying or even walking!
    This meditation is all about letting go of worries & releasing stress.
    Settle into your breath and mind and fully enjoy this meditation.

    If ...

  • Affirmations Meditation

    This quick 6 min meditation by Leo Max is all about affirmations.
    You can do this sitting up or lying down.
    Repeat the sentences in your own mind " I AM"
    The purpose of these is to let the words sink deep, down into the mind!
    Enjoy :)

    If you're interested in getting to know more from Leo

  • Very Best Self Meditation

    Looking to feel your best?
    This meditation will boost confidence, increase motivation and improve your mood?
    I cant wait for you to try this meditation let by hypnosis expert Leo Max who guides you through a soothing yet energizing meditation.
    If you want to get straight into the meditation go t...

  • Relaxation Meditation

    A super relaxing meditation led by Hypnosis expert Leo Max.
    Get comfortable and prepare to feel RELAXED yet energized.
    If you want to skip straight to the meditation go straight to min 2:00.
    Enjoy this meditation seated or laying down :)

    To get in touch with Leo head over to

  • 5 Minute Meditation

    Reset & recharge in 5 minutes!
    A quick meditation with quick results.
    For those moments you need it the most, but you just don't have the time. Whether that's first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day or on your way to work, this is a must!
    I love this 5 minute meditation because you c...

  • Morning Meditation

    The perfect morning meditation!
    The best way to start the day with intention and gratitude.
    If you want to get straight into the meditation skip to min 06:33
    I love waking up and meditating before or after my morning workout :)
    A unique and intentional meditation that gets you into a deep relaxe...

  • Grounding Meditation

    A 14 min grounding & immune boosting meditation to get you out of your head and into your subconscious mind.
    If you want to get straight into the meditation skip to min 02:20.
    Your body is often in fight or flight mode due to daily stressors affecting our day. So by getting yourself grounded and ...

  • Body Scan Meditation

    A 15 min body scan meditation to get you out of your head and into your subconscious mind.
    If you want to get straight to the meditation skip forward to min 02:25.
    A very interactive meditation, full of surprises you might not expect!
    This guided meditation may bring up a surge of emotions as we...