Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Follow this calendar so that you can get straight into your Pilates class.
A weeks worth of videos, carefully curated to target different muscle groups and increase variety.
All you have to do is open the weekly schedule and choose your day of the week.

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Weekly Schedule
  • Reformer Full Body (MONDAY)

    Get all the benefits of a reformer class without the price tag. Strengthen and lengthen your body from head to toe in this advanced class using reformer moves from the comfort of your own home using minimal space.

    Duration: 42 mins
    Level: Advanced
    Equipment: Pilates ball, Pilates ring and glid...

  • Advanced Booty (TUESDAY)

    Meet me on your mat for this quick 17 min booty burn using an optional booty band! This flow is advanced and pregnancy friendly... the perfect flow if you're looking to really work your glutes and build your butt! If you don't have a band, you can absolutely do this workout using your own body we...

  • Jump Rope X Pilates (WEDNESDAY)

    Level: Advanced
    Equipment: Jump Rope, Hand Weights
    Duration: 50 mins
    Women's Health: Ovulatory Phase

    The burn is real in today's jump rope x pilates series. We will alternate between full body, dynamic pilates movements & bursts of cardio to elevate your heart rate. This is an advanced class so ...

  • 10 Min Abs (THURSDAY)

    Your favourite video is back! Short on time or looking for an ab burner at the end of your workout? This one has everything you need to sculpt your abs in minimal amount of time. Using the Pilates ball, you can really take this class everywhere and anywhere!

    Level: Advanced

    Equipment: Pilates b...

  • Pilates Strength (FRIDAY)

    Get ready to strengthen and sculpt!
    Today's class is a full body Pilates strength series using a 10lb ring for anyone looking to add muscle and tone.
    We start on the mat then work our way to standing - this series burns in the best way.

    Level: Intermediate
    Equipment: Power Ring
    Duration: 30 mi...

  • Mindful Pilates (SATURDAY)

    Are you ready to feel amazing? Get ready to recentre yourself in this 35 min class using classical Pilates moves to get into your body before moving on to calming techniques to calm the mind.

    Level: Beginner

    Equipment: No Equipment
    Duration: 35 Min
    Women's Health: Menstrual, Luteal

    For outfit ...

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