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Watch Relaxation Meditation | GLOW –– UP | Day 5 Meditation

Watch Relaxation Meditation | GLOW –– UP | Day 5 Meditation

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Relaxation Meditation | GLOW –– UP | Day 5 Meditation


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    Day 6 is a 15 min pilates ball abs class :) Strengthen & sculpt your abs in this 15 mins workout using the Pilates ball! If you don't have a ball you can always grab a small pillow or something soft, but I would highly recommend buying one! Have fun with this one and don't forget to do the medita...

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    A 15 min body scan meditation to get you out of your head and into your subconscious mind. If you want to get straight to the meditation skip forward to min 02:25. A very interactive meditation, full of surprises you might not expect! This guided meditation may bring up a surge of emotions as we ...

  • Quick Core | GLOW –– UP | Day 7

    The title says it all. Quick. Core. BURN! Quick transitions and a lot of core focused exercises to strengthen your powerhouse and upper body. No equipment necessary just a mat and your own bodyweight. Have fun!! Journal prompt below xx

    Don't forget to do the Day 4 meditation and journal prompt b...