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This January, we’re taking small, consistent steps to create our strongest minds and bodies yet. I always like to think of health holistically and I truly believe that when we feel our best, we look our best. Exercise is an important part of physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing is even more important. If some of you opted for more gentle workouts and slowing down the last few years, you may be feeling like it’s time to rebuild that strength.

In this program, we’re incorporating strength Pilates workouts to tone your body week-by-week. A strong body doesn’t just look good, but it helps us to prevent injury, protect bone health, ease pain and balance body composition.
At the same time, we’ll be strengthening our minds and designing the life we want through manifestation.

I can't wait to start this challenge together!

Tasha | T — F Studio

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  • PILATES — STRONG Manifestation Guide

    8.46 MB

    This 30 day January Challenge will, in true T — F Studio style, help us build habits that strengthen both mind & body. I promise that at the end of this month you will feel more CONFIDENT, MOTIVATED, and STRONG!

    This curated program includes a monthly workout schedule with daily classes as well...

  • Pilates Strength

    Episode 1

    Level: Advanced
    Equipment: Ankle Weights, Pilates Ball, Pilates Ring
    Duration: 38 mins

    Today's workout is a pilates strength class for a full body workout using optional equipment. This class will build balanced strength throughout your body and sculpt lean muscle!

    For outfit and equipment link...

  • Mood Boosting Full Body

    Episode 2

    Join me on this mood boosting flow using the Pilates ball and hand weights!
    A 50 min workout that's going to shift your mindset and mood in the best way! Movement is medicine :)
    Do this workout when you're looking for an extra motivational push!

    Level: Intermediate
    Equipment: Pilates ball, hand ...

  • Pilates Circuit

    Episode 3

    You won't need any equipment for this 18 min pilates circuit!
    We'll be burning out each muscle group, doing 3 rounds of 5 moves.
    Circuits are great way to get a guaranteed quick and effective burn!
    Level: Advanced
    Equipment: None
    Duration: 18 mins

    For outfit & equipment links

  • Standing Full Body Sculpt

    Episode 4

    Here comes another standing series!!
    Trust me, 20 mins is more than enough In this effective 20 minute full body standing workout where we'll be focusing on strengthening the upper body and core while lengthening and toning our legs!
    Optional ankle weights and hand weights added but you ca absolu...

  • Challenging Lower Body

    Episode 5

    Introducing your new challenging lower body series. We will be strengthening and lifting our booty, while lengthening and toning our legs in 35 minutes.

    Level: Advanced
    Equipment: Ankle Weights, Booty Band
    Duration: 35 mins

    For outfit and equipment links:

  • 10 Min Full Body Stretch

    Episode 6

    Don't underestimate the importance of stretching! Join me for this express stretching video, perfect for everyone! Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced, make sure to add this stretch video into your routine. The perfect complimentary video for your regular workouts!
    Duration: 10 mi...