Recharge (5 - 10 Mins)

Recharge (5 - 10 Mins)

Want to recharge? Try one of our 5 - 10 min meditations.

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Recharge (5 - 10 Mins)
  • Box Breath

    If you've never tried breathwork before, then you're in for a treat!!
    Breathwork refers to a type of breathing exercise or technique that you can use to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
    It works wonders for moments of stress & panic when you're looking for a quick and instant r...

  • Appreciation for Life

    A classic meditation to call in abundance & gratitude for your future ;)
    Motivational and positive to be the best version of yourself, for those moments you need it the most!
    Try it and let me know what you think.

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  • Nervous System Reset

    This is one of my new favorite meditation styles!
    Enjoy this 10 minute meditation to reset your nervous system whenever you are feeling ungrounded.
    Trust me when I say that this meditation will leave you feeling like a completely new person! I do this one all the time :)

    If you're interested i...

  • Quick Calm

    Feeling overwhelmed? This meditation will help bring you back to balance and feel calm in just 6 minutes.

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  • Connecting to Breath

    Connect to your breath in 6 minutes with this meditation by Leo Max.
    This one is all about BREATHWORK!
    If you can't get into meditation you should give breathwork a go!
    Such a great way to calm your mind and body if you're feeling anxious or stressed.

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  • Post Workout Bliss

    My favorite way to meditate is right after a workout!
    This 7 min post workout bliss meditation will leave you feeling so strong, calm, grounded & energized. Ready to take on the day :)

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  • Clear Mind Meditation

    Take a few moments just for yourself and join Leo in this 10 min meditation to clear your mind.
    You can do this meditation, sitting, lying or even walking!
    This meditation is all about letting go of worries & releasing stress.
    Settle into your breath and mind and fully enjoy this meditation.

    If ...

  • Affirmations Meditation

    This quick 6 min meditation by Leo Max is all about affirmations.
    You can do this sitting up or lying down.
    Repeat the sentences in your own mind " I AM"
    The purpose of these is to let the words sink deep, down into the mind!
    Enjoy :)

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