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Watch Clear Mind | GLOW –– UP | Day 4 Meditation

Watch Clear Mind | GLOW –– UP | Day 4 Meditation

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Clear Mind | GLOW –– UP | Day 4 Meditation


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  • 15 min Full Body | Glow –– UP | Day 5

    Day 5 of the GLOW –– UP plan is a quick but really effective full body in just 15 mins workout using a booty band, pilates ball & ankle weights! Don't underestimate this quick workout - sometimes 15 mins is all you need for a quick burn!

    Don't forget to do the Day 5 meditation and journal prompt...

  • Relaxation Meditation | GLOW –– UP | ...

    A super relaxing meditation led by Hypnosis expert Leo Max. Get comfortable and prepare to feel RELAXED yet energized. If you want to skip straight to the meditation go straight to min 2:00. Enjoy this meditation seated or laying down :)

    To get in touch with Leo head over to:

  • Pilates ball ABS | GLOW –– UP | Day 6

    Day 6 is a 15 min pilates ball abs class :) Strengthen & sculpt your abs in this 15 mins workout using the Pilates ball! If you don't have a ball you can always grab a small pillow or something soft, but I would highly recommend buying one! Have fun with this one and don't forget to do the medita...