Unique and dynamic feel good Pilates to strengthen your mind and body.
Available anywhere and anytime using minimal space, time and equipment!
Videos range from 5mins to 1hour and there is something for every body to chose from seamlessly categorized for easy access.
I can't wait to see you in the studio!

  • NEW IN
    16 videos

    NEW IN

    16 videos

    Here are my latest videos!
    Stay tuned for new videos updated every Monday and Friday.
    I can't wait to share what I have coming up!

  • Live Classes

    40 videos

    I am so excited to workout with you in the online studio for LIVE CLASSES.
    I will be hosting regular sessions that you can join at a specific time or rewatch on-demand at a later date.
    Join us for your live workout and new added CHAT feature!
    Not a member? No problem!
    Live classes can now be purc...

  • Weekly Schedule

    6 videos

    A weekly workout schedule to strengthen your mind and body!
    Follow this calendar so that you can skip the decision making of “what workout should I do today” and get straight into your Pilates class.
    A weeks worth of videos, carefully curated to target different muscle groups and increase variety...

  • Meditations

    9 videos

    T — F Studio MEDITATIONS are here!
    I am so excited to welcome a VERY SPECIAL guest and good friend of mine Leo Max, who specializes in hypnosis for spiritual advancement.
    Leo Max is an expert at connecting physical, mental, and spiritual realms so I think you are going to LOVE incorporating thes...

  • Most Popular

    12 videos

    All of my most popular videos watched by you!
    If you've been following me on Youtube the past year, you'll recognize some of these TOP performing videos watched by YOU!

  • The Quick Burns (Under 15mins)

    26 videos

    If you're looking for a QUICK yet effective workout then all of these videos are perfect as standalone options. Don't underestimate these quick videos they'll still burn in the best way!
    You can use them as standalone videos or piece them together to create your own customized sequence of quick v...

  • The Classics (15-30 mins)

    109 videos

    My classic workout sequences between 15-30 mins!
    The sweet spot when it comes to movement... Not too long and not too short!
    These are my CLASSIC workout videos with or without equipment options.

  • The longer workouts (Over 30 mins)

    76 videos

    If you're feeling STRONG and looking for a longer workout (GO YOU!) all of these workouts are over 30mins!
    You're going to finish these videos feeling EMPOWERED and ready to conquer the day.

  • The Toned Arms & Upper Body

    44 videos

    Improve your posture by strengthening your arms, abs and shoulders.
    It took me such a long time to find upper body movements that didn't make me feel "bulky".
    These upper body videos are SO GOOD to lengthen and tone your arms to create defined muscles and sculpted shoulders & back.
    So good to ...

  • The Sculpted Abs

    61 videos

    Let's talk about your ABDOMINALS!
    Every single movement starts from your core- the foundation of Pilates, also known as your POWERHOUSE.
    Strengthening your core is SO IMPORTANT for your entire body.
    Not just aesthetically but to improve your posture & overall physical performance too!

  • The Lean Legs & Lifted Butt

    53 videos

    Lift & tone your butt whilst lengthening your legs.
    If you're looking to create a round, perky and lifted but you're going to LOVE these videos.
    Most lower body workout videos focus on your typical squatting & lunging which in my experience, can make me feel like my legs are taking all the weight...

  • The Full Body Pilates Flows

    108 videos

    All of my lengthening, full body pilates flows.
    Always a popular option as these videos target your entire body from head to toe!
    Sculpt, lengthen and tone all in one.
    Everyones favorite GO TO.

  • With Equipment

    141 videos

    I don't know who needs to hear this but you DO NOT NEED fancy gym equipment to get an effective workout.
    These videos all use simple and AFFORDABLE pieces of equipment that anyone can keep at home or to travel with.
    Whilst I do use them often, they are not necessary and ALL of my videos are compl...

  • No Equipment

    60 videos

    No equipment no problem!
    All of these videos are created using your own bodyweight. Perfect for anywhere and anytime!
    Never underestimate the power of your own body weight- I promise you, you'll still get an effective workout in without any equipment necessary.

  • Beginners
    23 videos


    23 videos

    New to Pilates? Welcome!!
    I am so excited to see you here! I can't wait to see you fall in love with Pilates style movements!
    These videos are created for all levels, including beginners and anyone that wants to focus on improving their form for the correct foundations.
    The FOUNDATIONS are key t...

  • Soothing Stretches

    11 videos

    These stretching videos are a must!!
    Never underestimate the importance of stretching for your overall performance and to lengthen your muscles.
    I would recommend doing a few stretches a week on their own or you can add them before/after your workout videos.
    Also, most of my videos do start with ...

  • All The Videos

    207 videos

    Well, this is pretty self explanatory.
    If you're looking for a particular video you can always use the search bar to find it.
    If you don't quite know what you feel like doing today, have a scroll through all the videos and see what catches your eye!
    With over 70 videos I'm sure there is at least ...