Hello & welcome!!! We couldn't be more excited to share this exclusive workout with you!
KG X TF - Season 1
This is a 7 day Pilates & HIIT program featuring Nike master trainer Kirsty Godso & Pilates expert Tasha Franken.
We filmed this last year during the pandemic and wanted to create a challenging & effective 7 day routine for you to do anywhere with minimal space and equipment.
Do this at home or watch on the go.
You do not want to miss out on this killer combo, right on time to kick start your fitness routine post quarantine & pre summer!
Rent now for a limited time.
The program is created to complete in 7 days BUT don’t worry if something comes up, you have 14 days to complete the program before it expires!
Your 14 days start from the moment you purchase.
We’re so excited for you to join the program!
Tasha & Kirsty xx

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  • Program INTRO

    We are so excited to share season 1 of the KG X TF program.
    You can expect a killer combo of Pilates & HIIT in this 7 day lengthen & tone program using minimal equipment & space. Perfect for your at home workout or bring is on the go!
    This program was carefully curated as a 7...

  • The Fundamentals | Day 1

    We are combining both go our powers to bring you the ultimate workout combination!
    A variety of moves to get you started on the right track. We'll guide you through our basic Pilates moves to set the tone for the rest of the program. This is the most important workout of...

  • Strong Core | Day 2

    We've said this before but we'll say it again. WE LOVE THE BALL!
    The core is the center of your body & your powerhouse.
    This 25 min workout is a core focused workout that with strengthen & define your abs & back.
    Starting with core activation and ending with a quick stretch.
    Also exp...

  • Lower Body Burn | Day 3

    This is day 3, are you ready?
    How are you feeing?
    We hope you're feeling AMAZING because this workout is going to leave you sore tomorrow.
    Tasha is known for her booty workout so this one will not disappoint1
    Think lots of booty sculpting and thigh lengthening Pilates exercises that will strength...

  • Power Arms | Day 4

    Lean arms alert!
    This workout is all about the upper bodyyyyy.
    Strengthening & lengthening our arms, shoulders, back & core.
    This workout will create toned arms whilst improving your posture and sculpting our shoulders. Try your best not to drop your arms, it'll be worth the pain we prom...

  • Pilates HIIT | Day 5

    We all know this is Kirsty's speciality.
    A heart pumping Pilates HIIT workout that's going to test your cardiovascular endurance & leave you feeling amazing.
    Detoxify, boost your circulation & lymphatic drainage.
    Equipment: mat
    Fast & fierce, I hope you're ready for this one!
    Tasha &...

  • Abs & Butt | Day 6

    This might be our favorite workout of the program.
    We both love working our core & glutes and also LOVE the Pilates ball & how effective this 35 min workout feels.
    The equipment: mat, Pilates ball & ankle weights.
    We hope you love it as much as we do!
    It's a ...

  • Full Body Burn | Day 7

    The ultimate full body burn!
    Sculpt your abs, arms, butt & legs in this 25 min full body workout.
    You can expect to leave this workout feeling accomplished and strong!
    Equipment: mat & ankle weights.
    We can't wait to hear how you're feeling :):)
    Comment below and let us know!
    Tasha & ...

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